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Milana Tongue Cleaner - Stainless Steel
Milana Tongue Cleaner - Stainless Steel
Milana Tongue Cleaner - Stainless Steel
Milana Tongue Cleaner - Stainless Steel

Milana Tongue Cleaner - Stainless Steel

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual (originated in India) for maintaining oral hygiene and overall well-being.

Why would I need to use Milana Tongue Cleaner?

The tongue is a host to various toxins, bacteria, microbes, dead cells and leftover debris from food that build up over-night and accumulate on it as a white film or a coating. If left untreated, it can contribute to bad breath, bacteria overgrowth, oral and health issues.

Benefits of Tongue Cleaning:

  • Removes bacteria and toxins from the tongue
  • Freshens breath
  • Improves taste
  • Promotes overall oral and digestive health
  • Slows the growth of plaque

If you have a white coating on your tongue then this is a sign that you have excess toxin build up that should be scrapped off. 


High grade Stainless Steel
Designed with non-synthetic grip handle Plastic Free Rust proof
Eco-Friendly, Zero Waste – can be reused for years
Easy care – simple rinse with water after use and let it dry

How to use

Use Milana tongue cleaner every morning before eating/drinking anything and at night before going to bed to promote good oral health.

  • Simply stick your tongue out and take the two ends of the tongue cleaner in each hand.
  • Guide the arch of the tongue cleaner to the back of the tongue and pushing down just enough to apply light pressure on the tongue, draw it to the front towards the tip of your tongue.
  • Rinse off the residue on the tongue cleaner with water and repeat 5 times until the entire tongue has been fully scraped.
  • Wash the tongue scraper and store in a clean, dry place. (Tip: you can store it along with your toothbrush in a holder)


Rinse with water after use and let it dry.

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