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Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool
Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool
Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool
Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool
Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool
Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool

Milana Kansa Wand - Face Massage Tool

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Not just any tool. It's a magic wand.


Kansa, also known as a sacred ‘bell metal’ has been used as a skincare massage tool since ancient times in India, predating jade rollers and gua sha. It has been used for over 5000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners to stimulate and massage body marma points, also known as “energy points”, which helps boost circulation, promote lymphatic drainage (for better natural detox process), alleviate stress, muscle tensions and improve skin’s complexion and appearance.

Kansa wand is made of pure copper and tin. Copper is a well-known germicidal and studies have shown that external application of copper can help maintain a good balance of bacteria on the skin, which in turn can help acne prone skin, inflamed skin as well as stimulate skin cells for elastin and collagen production (improve skins firmness and elasticity). Ancient wisdom also claims it to be more effective at healing than gold or silver.

When used for facial massage, our well-crafted handmade pure kansa wand, helps plump, depuff, tone, balance skin’s pH and soften fine lines and wrinkles for a good skin health. Using it daily can help rejuvenate and revitalise skin, giving it a healthy and vibrant glow.


100% pure wood handle 

Pure Kansa (Copper + Tin)

How to use

Using a kansa wand is a simple, yet therapeutic beauty ritual that can be practiced anytime of the day to help boost circulation, relax facial muscles as well as calm the mind.

First apply a few drops of your favourite face oil (Eternal Beauty Elixir or Moringa Oil works well with the wand) to a cleansed skin.

Place the wand in the middle of the forehead and gently but with firm pressure massage in circular motions both anti-clockwise and then clockwise five times.

Draw the number 8 pattern across the forehead five times. This helps calm the mind, release tension, stimulate memory, improve concentration and prevent fine lines.

Glide the wand from the middle of the forehead to the temples on each side and massage the temples in circular motion 5 times each.

Feel your jaw muscle by clenching your teeth and massage along the jaw line in a circular motions five times on both ends.

Glide the kansa wand on your cheekbones and massage in circular motion 5 times, maintain a medium-firm pressure.

Massage under the cheekbone in circular motions at first and then moving to upward/downward motion – starting from the corner of the mouth to the ear lobe and back.

Move to the jawline and massage five times in upward/downward motion, from the chin to the ear lobe and back.

Slide the wand to your neck and gently massage with upward motion five times starting from the front-left side of the neck, below the ear all the way to the front-right side of the neck.

This beauty ritual massage takes 5 minutes and can be done daily.


Simply wipe the wand after each use. If required, use mild soap and water on the metal part to clean and wipe it dry.

Store the wand in our Milana organic cotton bag for protection.

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