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Organic Black Tea
Milana Breakfast Bold
organic black tea

Milana Breakfast Bold

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100% certified organic ingredients | No artificial flavourings, essences or additives | Stimulating and uplifting | Can help support heart health, digestion and mood | Powerful antioxidant | Caffeine | Vegan

The Milana Breakfast Bold blend is our take on the most classical of all classical teas, designed from the finest black tea leaves for an uplifting experience. Organic robust Assam tea is a rare treasure among the black teas of India, where organic is still a novelty. Blending it with a Ceylon gem makes it a well-balanced full-bodied brew for an invigorating morning.

Energise your body and mind and stimulate your senses with this bold blend. Comes in a resealable pouch, convenient for everyday use and travel.


Assam Black Tea and Ceylon Black Tea.

*All ingredients are certified organic.


Exquisitely rich copper-toned infusion with uplifting malty, caramel aroma. An invigorating morning breakfast tea.

Steeping Instructions

1 tsp per 8oz (240ml) water, 100ºC, 5 minutes.

Caffeine: High.

For a perfect cup of tea add milk, sugar or honey to taste.


Learn about the benefits of black tea here.

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