The word ‘Milana’ is derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘union', ‘coming together’, and ‘to join’. The core of The Milana Company stems from this very principle - it embodies what we wanted our brand to reflect: the joining of principles from the East and the West, combining ingredients from different parts of the world, and spreading wellness through our products. 

At The Milana Company, we are building a brand guided by the unity of passion, tradition and organic ingredients to design and bring exceptional wellness products with a touch of luxury to the modern world.

We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing you the finest authentic ingredients from different corners of the world and carefully crafting them into quality wellness products.

With your well-being always on our mind, we aim to bring you a delightful and luxury encounter in every moment that you are in touch with us and our products.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

With Love,

Founder, The Milana Company 
An Organic Wellness Brand