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Organic Black Tea with Rose Petals, Lavender and cornflowers
The Queen’s Royal Blend
organic black tea with lavender and rose petals

The Queen’s Royal Blend

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100% certified organic ingredients | No artificial flavourings, essences or additives | Soothing, revitalising and invigorating | Can help with relaxation, digestion and mood | Caffeine | Vegan

AWARD WINNER: at the 2018 Global Tea Championships. Fall Hot Loose-Leaf - Blended Black Tea


If a Queen had to make her own blend, she would choose the best flowers from the secret corners of the world and blend them with organic tea leaves for a delightful experience. These flowers scattered among the leaves of the finest organic Assam tea hide enormous relaxation intentions. The Queen's Royal Blend is an elegant and well-balanced mix of mesmerising colours with natural citrus and floral scents carefully designed for a time when you want to be surrounded by pure beauty. 

Glow from inside and out with this comforting blend. Comes in a resealable pouch, convenient for everyday use and travel.


Assam Black Tea, Orange Peel, Rose Petals, Lavender and Cornflowers.

*All ingredients are certified organic.


Vivid light-amber toned infusion with sweet delicate floral notes. A royalty’s blend to savour anytime of the day.

Steeping Instructions

1 tsp per 8oz (240ml) boiled water, 100ºC, 3-5 minutes.

Caffeine: Medium-High.

Savour as an afternoon delight with honey or sugar and lemon to taste.


Learn about the benefits of black tea and other ingredients used in this blend here.

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