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Organic Green tea with rose petals
Imperial Sencha Rose
Organic Green Tea

Imperial Sencha Rose

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100% certified organic ingredients | No artificial flavourings, essences or additives | Energising, cleansing and invigorating | Can help aid digestion, immune system, uplift mood and promote concentration | Powerful antioxidant for body and mind | Moderate Caffeine | Vegan


This luxurious hand-crafted blend gives the impression as if it was blown by a gentle evening breeze from the Imperial garden full of fresh fragrant roses in bloom. Imperial Sencha Rose is how we imagine the perfect sencha - aromatic, sophisticated, organic, refreshing and calming. A delightful and fresh Japanese treasure, with carefully sourced organic leaves and delicate rose petals in a perfectly balanced blend.

Give your body and mind a natural boost with this caffeine tea. Comes in a resealable pouch, convenient for everyday use and travel.


Sencha (Green Tea) and Rose Petals.

* All ingredients are certified organic.


A vibrant light yellow-green infusion with delicate fresh and sweet floral notes. An elegant blend for anytime of the day.

Steeping Instructions

1 tsp per 8oz (240ml) water, 75ºC, 3 minutes.

Caffeine: Medium Light.

A perfect blend to enjoy on its own or with honey or sugar for added comfort.


Learn about the benefits of green tea and other ingredient used in this blend here.


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