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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Most people consume the tea that is readily available in the local supermarket for convenience, unaware that a lot of these teabags are manufactured in bulk, may sit on the shelf for a long time, become stale and in the process lose its flavour and benefits.

*It is encouraged to open a tea bag in your cupboard and look at its contents. For most commercially available teas you will find small pieces of tea fannings and dust.

However, recently, tea manufacturers have adapted to creating large tea bags i.e. pyramid sachets to hold quality loose leaf tea with more flavour and aroma profiles.

It is hard to contest the convenience of tea bags, but when it comes to the flavour, the little more effort required to preparing loose leaf tea makes a world of difference to the quality of the brew in your cup.


Artisanal loose leaf tea is made up of whole or large pieces of leaves of high-quality grade compared to paper tea bags, which contain dust and fanning from broken tea leaves. This results in a stronger and bitter brew from tea bags, while more flavour profiles from loose leaf tea.  


Loose leaf teas have a surface area that is less exposed, keeping them fresh for longer, if stored correctly. Commercial tea bags are usually filled with dust and fanning of tea. This is the reason why these small pieces infuse quickly and also become stale due to greater exposure of the surface area, no matter how they are stored. 


Loose leaf teas when steeped, absorbs water and have enough room to expand and unfurl, allowing the intricate flavours, aromas and essential oils from the tea leaves to infuse, giving a complex and full- flavour cup.

Finely broken tea leaves in tea bags contain more tannins, giving a more astringent and possibly bitter brew.


High-quality tea is usually available in the form of loose leaf and most tea connoisseurs will prefer this type over commercially available tea bags.

It is possible to re-steep single serving of leaves for multiple infusions making it more cost-effective in the longer run.

*For re-steeping tea, add 1-2 minutes extra to the original steeping time and continue to re-steep adding additional minutes until it loses its flavour profile.  Tea should not be stored overnight after steeping, re-steep in a single sitting or over the course of few hours.

Overall, loose leaf tea provides more flavour and aromatic profile for a better quality brew.

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